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Enjoy some photos of our patients and their successes:

1. a.  Protrusive teeth at the start.

1. b. Teeth no longer protrude at the finish.  This patient worked hard and can enjoy the results for life.

1. c.  This tracing is of two radiographs ("X-ray"), the before-treatment is in black, the after-treatment is in red.  This demonstrates the lower front teeth did not move forward; the upper teeth were moved back.

2. a. Severely crowded lower teeth.

2. b. Severely crowded teeth at finish, without extractions.  This was accomplished by a team effort with a leading oral surgeon to create 13mm extra bone in the middle of the lower jaw.  This is an involved process, but the results are the best option for some patients.

3. a.  Control the upper bone.  This patient applied the proper orthopedic forces during a major stage of growth.

3. b.  The completion of treatment reveals marked improvement.

3. c. This tracing reveals the upper front teeth moved a remarkable distance--yet no teeth were removed in this patient.  The proper diagnosis and proper treatment placed corrective therapy where it was needed.

4. a. Extraction. To provide proper function for a lifetime, the volume of the teeth must match the volume of the bone. 

4. b. Some patients have such a mis-match of volume that the best solution is to remove some volume of the teeth.  The most common solution is removal of four First Premolars, though many combinations can exist, especially in non-growing patients. 

4. c.  When treatment is complete, all spaces are closed, and no one conversing with the person can see that any teeth are not present.

The results can last a lifetime--orthodontics is for proper function, not mere appearance.

While making smiles, we have fun at Dr. Fireman!